Rules – Duo

  • Any dance style is allowed.
  • Dancers are only permitted to dance for one duo.
  • The performance should have a duration of a minimum of 2:30 minutes and a maximum of 5:00 minutes. An over- and underrun leads to fine.
  • Size of stage: 17 meters (width) x 12 meters (depth)
  • The music (mp3-file), pictures and information about your duo need to be sent on time by mail. It is the responsibility of the duo to ensure that the music as mp3 has been checked for length and quality before submission. Together with your confirmation you’ll get the mail address and further information.
  • Participation is permitted for all crews that also compete in international and national competitions and championships. The aim of our event is the encounter and diversity of different young dance cultures without a commercial background.
  • Prior to the contest you must tell us if the choreography is a licensed or non-licensed choreography.
  • Rioting between duos and audience leads to disqualification.
  • Access to the backstage area is only permitted for team members.

Updated: 01.02.2020